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5 Tips for Cleaning Cat Urine


Tips On Cleaning Cat Urine & Getting Rid Of That Nasty Smell

Cat urine is one of the most difficult odors to get rid of - that's just a fact. Here at Bio-One, where we specialize in things like crime scene cleanup, decomposition cleanup, skunk odor removal, mold remediation, hoarding house cleanup - cat urine is more difficult than any of the smells associated with the other cleanups we do.


The secret to cleaning up cat urine is understanding the urine's composition, and what to do to counteract it....and patience


First, standard house cleaning agents like bleach WON'T work. 


Second, is the urine odor more than that just 1-2 times when your kitty sprayed some pee? Has he been doing it for a while? Your carpet MUST be removed. That pee pee is underneath your carpet on on your subfloor - that needs to be removed. 


Third, be prepared to not only clean your subfloor, but all of your walls, doors, cabinets, and anywhere else your cat could have sprayed.


For tips on the specific types of chemicals, where to buy them and others, call us anytime. For a free estimate on what we can do to DE-STINK your home here in Alabama, call us at (256) 677-6111. 


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