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Bio-One Is North Alabama's #1 Leader in Affordable Mold Remediation

When many homeowner's hear the word MOLD they automatically think - Expensive! But honestly, that is rarely the case.


Bio-One is a unique company that provides mold remediation services at affordable prices, because we can.


Bio-One is not a water & fire restoration company - but a true mold remediation company. This means we don't have the same overhead as many others, and can offer our mold services usually at lower prices.


Bio-One can help you with laboratory testing, swab analysis, air quality samples, mold removal and remediation, inside the home, crawlspaces, attics, odors, and even other services such as sewage backup cleanup, biohazard cleanup, animal feces/droppings removal, hoarding/junk removal services and much more.


We are a locally-owned business and when you call us, a real human being will answer the phone and answer any questions you have. Our estimates are 100% free, and we serve all of North Alabama, including Huntsville, Madison, Athens, Decatur, Cullman, Guntersville, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, The Shoals, and others.


Call Bio-One today at 256-677-6111


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Every month, we get anywhere from 2-10 people inquiring how to become a Crime Scene Technician, and if we are hiring. 

The great thing about working with Bio-One, we train our technicians and put them through all of the training they need to properly clean a crime scene. Jake, is the franchise owner for Bio-One's Huntsville, Birmingham, and Montgomery offices and he is also a certified trainer for the Bio-One Franchise, so we can train our technicians and get them certified once they are hired. There is classroom training, tests online, and on the job training that gets each tech confident on how to go into a scene and tackle it in a proficient and safe way. There are also specialized certifications online that we can help you apply for.

When interviewing a potential technician, we mainly look for certain qualities and traits. Our technicians must be honest, efficient, professional, empathetic, respectful, punctual, possess common sense, possess strong integrity, and last but not least- compassionate. Dealing with families who just suffered the worst loss of their lives, our technicians have to possess those qualities.

For our line of work, we also need technicians who are flexible and willing to work at all hours of the night, weekends, and sometimes holidays. Crime and trauma does not take a break after 5 p.m. during the week and does not stop on the weekends and holidays. Availability is also important since we never know when an important emergency call will come in, so being available to get to a job within the hour is a requirement.

Types of Services we provide:

Suicide/Homicide Cleanup -

Odor Removal - Undiscovered Death Cleanup - Blood Cleanup/Biohazard - Feces & Bodily Fluid Cleanup - Mold Remediation - Rodent Dropping Cleanup - Hoarding Cleanup - Junk Removal - Hazardous Waste Removal - Disinfections - & more!

Requirements for the job:

  • Lift 50+ pounds.
  • Have reliable transportation
  • Stand, kneel, & lift frequently
  • Work in harsh conditions; extreme heat/cold
  • Customer service oriented
  • Be able to work in tight spaces.(Crawlspaces, attics, etc)
  • Handle emotional/traumatic situations.
  • Pass a drug test
  • Be available on-call
  • Have a clean background.

This job is not for everyone. We see more than what the average person sees. Blood, feces (human and animal), suicides, homicides, shootings, hoarder's homes in the utmost worst conditions are all things we see on a daily basis. A weak stomach and/or mind need not apply.


We have a job to do- we go in with professionalism and empathy and make the horrific scene disappear. Hoarding jobs are very hard work but seeing how the residence looks after we are finished from where it started is extremely satisfying for us and our clients.


We may be hiring in the near future - so if you possess those qualities and can take on the responsibility of being 'on call'- give us a call!


Rodent Droppings In Your Attic - Bio-One Helps Alabamians With This Cleanup

It may not be something you think about, but if find yourself calling your pest control expert to come rid your attic of critters....well, those critters also leave behind a mess that most pest control companies don't clean up.


That's right - typically your local exterminator will only rid your home of the rodent problem - but they won't clean up their droppings or urine.


The droppings and urine from rats, mice, squirrels, chipmunks, bats, raccoons and birds are common in attics and actually very dangerous.


The main danger comes from the accidental inhalation of the droppings' particulates - which can cause someone to contract hantavirus, histoplasmosis and other infections and diseases. Without the proper PPE and know-how, any homeowners will endanger themselves if they try to clean this up alone. 


Bio-One is Alabama's #1 rodent droppings and critter feces cleanup company. Bio-One is a Biohazard Remediation services, specializing not only in this type of cleanup, but also hoarding cleanup, crime scene cleanup, meth lab cleanup, odor removal, mold remediation, sewage backup cleanup and much more. 


With three local offices in Alabama - Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, Bio-One is Alabama's local leader in this type of service.


Call your local Bio-One today!


Huntsville:        256-677-6111

Birmingham:    205-937-1708

Montgomery:   334-523-9191


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Many Emergency Clean Up Companies Aren't Local To Alabama - Bio-One Is 

The roots of crime- and trauma-scene cleaning companies can be traced to the 1990s, and at that time only a dozen or so companies existed. The industry was widely unregulated and awareness of contamination risks were relatively non-existant.


"I was young and dumb and saw something you only see in movies, so I quickly shut the door, took a deep breath, sat on the couch with the widow and told everyone else to get her out of here and take her to lunch, and we’ll clean this up for her," said Nick-Anthony Zamucen, Founder of Bio-One Inc. "We were just trying to help a lady in her greatest time of need, and that’s for me how I got into the crime scene and cleaning business."  


Today, there are hundreds of companies that advertise crime and trauma scene cleaning, and a simple Google search may prove overwhelming when you're experiencing one of the most traumatic moments in your life. Bio-One, with three local offices in Alabama (Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, is Alabama's true local expert).


Additionally, crime and trauma scene cleaning are not the only biohazards we clean - Bio-One also specializes in feces and urine cleanup, hoarding cleanup, mold remediation, sewage backup cleanup, odor removal, junk removal and others. 


To help, we've listed pre-qualifying questions to ask before choosing a crime and trauma scene company. 


Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Crime and Trauma Scene Cleaner

There are a number of key questions to ask crime and trauma scene cleaning technicians or business owners to properly root out which one is best for your goals and circumstances. 

  • Are you local? When there's a blood spill, response time is key to prevent biohazards from spreading and to ensure quick remediation. Several businesses may pay for online advertising in your city, but their technicians could be 3 or more hours away. Furthermore, avoid calling toll free numbers. "These numbers often lead to call centers. We're local. They're not." 
  • Is your business certified and insured? Professional crime and trauma scene cleaning companies should have bloodborne pathogen certifications, they should follow OSHA personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines and remediation processes, and they should have insurance for their business. 
  • What happens to valuable or personal items that are impacted? At Bio-One, we are trained to be mindful of valuable and perceived valuable items, such as pictures, wallets, or a baseball card collection. Professional crime and trauma scene cleaners should ask if there are valuable items to keep an eye out for, and they will keep the family informed if these items are found. 
  • How will you charge for your services? In most cases, home insurance will cover the cost of biohazard remediation - less your deductible. Ask if they can open a claim on your behalf, taking this burden off your shoulders. If you don't have homeowners insurance, it's OK to ask for a free estimate so you can compare costs between other local companies. 
  • Will you be discrete during and after the job? Jake Snavely, Bio-One owner in Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, always assures her clients that discretion is top of mind while her team is onsite. Bio-One vehicles are unmarked and technicians will designate work areas to don and doff PPE out of view from neighbors. 
  • Do you have a list of resources that can help after the cleanup? You may need flooring replaced or fresh drywall installed, which will also be covered under your home insurance claim, and a recommendation could help speed up the reconstruction process. Additionally, many crime and trauma scene cleaners have connections with local counselors and victim's advocates. 


Last but certainly most important, make sure the business you speak with shows care and compassion for your situation. They should want to do everything possible to support you and your loved ones.

If you are searching for a family-owned, Alabama-local crime and trauma scene cleaner, Bio-One is here for you. All of our offices adhere to our business motto Help First, Business Second and are available 24/7. 


Call any one of our offices today:


Huntsville - 256-677-6111


Birmingham - 205-937-1708


Montgomery - 334-523-9191


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Mold Remediation Information for Alabama Homeowners


Mold Cleanup

Who should do the cleanup depends on a number of factors. One consideration is the size of the mold problem. If the area is less than about 10 square feet (less than roughly a 3 ft. by 3 ft. area), in most cases, you can handle the job yourself, follow the Mold Cleanup Tips and Techniques. However:

    • If there has been a lot of water damage, and/or mold growth covers more than 10 square feet, consult EPA guide Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings. Although focused on schools and commercial buildings, this document is applicable to other building types.


    • If you choose to hire a contractor (or other professional service provider) to do the cleanup, make sure the contractor has experience cleaning up mold. Check references and ask the contractor to follow the recommendations in EPA guide Mold Remediation in Schools and Commercial Buildings, the guidelines of the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH); Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC); or other guidelines from professional or government organizations. Bio-One of Alabama is one such company, and will come out to give any Alabama homeowner a free estimate, by calling them at (205) 937-1708 or visiting their website at


    • If you suspect that the heating/ventilation/air conditioning (HVAC) system may be contaminated with mold (it is part of an identified moisture problem, for instance, or there is mold near the intake to the system), consult EPA guide Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? before taking further action. Do not run the HVAC system if you know or suspect that it is contaminated with mold - it could spread mold throughout the building.


    • If the water and/or mold damage was caused by sewage or other contaminated water, then call in a professional who has experience cleaning and fixing buildings damaged by contaminated water.


  • If you have health concerns, consult a health professional before starting cleanup, and call Bio-One of Alabama for a free estimate of the true nature of your mold situation. With three office locations in Huntsville, Birmingham and Montgomery, Bio-One is Alabama's leading mold expert. 


Tips and Techniques

The tips and techniques presented in this section will help you clean up your mold problem. Professional cleaners or remediators may use methods not covered here. Please note that mold may cause staining and cosmetic damage. It may not be possible to clean an item so that its original appearance is restored.

    • Fix plumbing leaks and other water problems as soon as possible. Dry all items completely.


    • Scrub mold off hard surfaces with detergent and water, and dry completely.


    • Absorbent or porous materials, such as ceiling tiles and carpet, may have to be thrown away if they become moldy. Mold can grow on or fill in the empty spaces and crevices of porous materials, so the mold may be difficult or impossible to remove completely.


    • Do not paint or caulk moldy surfaces. Clean up the mold and dry the surfaces before painting. Paint applied over moldy surfaces is likely to peel.


  • If you are unsure about how to clean an item, or if the item is expensive or of sentimental value, you may wish to consult a specialist. Specialists in furniture repair, restoration, painting, art restoration and conservation, carpet and rug cleaning, water damage, and fire or water restoration are commonly listed in phone books. Be sure to ask for and check references. Look for specialists who are affiliated with professional organizations.

Bathroom Ideas

Places that are often or always damp can be hard to maintain completely free of mold. If there's some mold in the shower or elsewhere in the bathroom that seems to reappear, increasing ventilation (running a fan or opening a window) and cleaning more frequently will usually prevent mold from recurring, or at least keep the mold to a minimum.


When in doubt, contact Bio-One of Alabama for a free mold analysis of your home.

*This blog post is inspired by material used from this original EPA article

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Bio-One is Jackson & DeKalb County's #1 Biohazard Cleanup Service

Specializing in the cleanup of crime scenes, suicide, homicide, unattended death, hoarding, feces/urine cleanup and other biohazard cleaning services, Bio-One is Columbus, Georgia's leader in providing help to families when in need.


Bio-One is a family-owned Biohazard Cleanup company with three local offices in Montgomery, Birmingham and Huntsville, and they serve all Alabama residents on what is likely one of the worst days of their lives. What differentiates Bio-One from other companies is their compassion to help others. Bio-One will answer your call, 24/7 and respond immediately. Their services are covered by homeowners' insurance, and in the case when they are not, Bio-One's fees are affordable, and sometimes 100% free in certain circumstances.


Bio-One's mission to ensure that no family member in Alabama is ever required to clean up after a loved one. Leave it to the professionals and let them provide the help you need in a time of crisis.


Call Bio-One today: 256-677-6111



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Bio-One is Huntsville's Trusted Odor Removal Expert

Bio-One is Huntsville's and North Alabama's trusted resource for all things odor-related! Specializing in biohazard cleanup, hoarding cleanup and odor removal, Bio-One provides simple and affordable solutions to homeowners looking to have their home smell fresh again.


Dog and cat feces & urine odors are sometimes difficult to combat, but there are ways to neutralize those odors with minimal headache.


Call Bio-One today for a free in-person estimate. We don't try to sell you unnecessary remedies, nor do we promise you that some magic chemical will do the trick. Our process is simple:


     - Listen to your needs

     - Identify the true source of the odor

     - Eliminate and clean that source

     - Neutralize the odors in surrounding surfaces

     - Neutralize airborne odors

     - Leave you with a fresh-smelling home


Call Bio-One today: 256-677-6111


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Who Should You Call When You See Something That Looks Like Mold?

Mold is extremely common here in Alabama, and quite misunderstood. Often while doing a repair, upgrading your home, during a home inspection, or when you spring a leak, homeowners will find a fungal growth somewhere in their home and don't know what to do. Consider the following before "freaking out!"

  • Call an environmental testing company to come out and conduct a swab and/or air quality test, to property determine whether or not it is mold, how much of it you have, the type and the exact locations in the home.
  • Call a mold remediation company (highly recommended to be a separate company from the one who did the testing) to come and review your mold test results, and also assess the home to determine the remediation protocol, and give you an estimate.
  • Check with your homeowners' insurance company to determine if mold remediation is covered under your policy
  • Hire the mold remediation to complete the work, and file the claim with your insurance company if needed.


Bio-One is North Alabama's leader in fast, honest and affordable mold remediation services. Bio-One does not push unnecessary solutions, and will focus on remediating the mold issue in your home on your budget. Serving Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield, Killen, Tuscumbia, Russellville, Athens, Huntsville and all surrounding areas, Bio-One is here to help you with all of your mold problems. Call Bio-One today 256-677-6111


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Filth Cleanup Services in North Alabama

Sometimes there are house cleaning situations that are just too much for a typical maid service to handle - that is where we come in.


Bio-One of Huntsville serves all homes and businesses in Huntsville, Madison, Decatur, Cullman, Florence, Guntersville and everywhere in North Alabama. Known for our biohazard cleanup services, including crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup, mold remediation, sewage backup, feces/urine cleanup and others - we also specialize in Gross Filth Cleanup.


Gross Filth is another type for neglect, or plan-old hardcore deep cleaning. Whether it's a home that hasn't been cleaned for 10+ years, or a home overrun by animals - Bio-One can clean it.


Call us today at (256) 677-6111 for a free estimate.


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Bio-One Offers Affordable and Expert Mold Removal in Huntsville, Alabama

Bio-One, a local and family-owned company here in Huntsville, AL is North Alabama's Mold Removal & Mold Remediation leader. 


Known for their unique and specialty clean up services, such as biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarding cleanup and odor removal - Mold Remediation is actually Bio-One's most common job.


Unlike most other restoration companies, Bio-One does not offer flood or fire restoration - and because of this, Bio-One's costs are lower, and that equates into lower prices for mold remediation for their customers.


Bio-One will work with your homeowner's insurance company to help pay for your mold treatment, and Bio-One can typically respond to your mold removal needs within 24 hours or less.


Call Bio-One of Huntsville today for your free estimate: (256) 677-6111


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