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Blood Cleanup Services in Scottsboro, Fort Payne and Surrounding Areas


Bio-One Is Your Trusted Biohazard Cleanup Company in Jackson & DeKalb Counties

Blood cleanup is one of our most common calls. You would think that cleaning up some blood wouldn't be a big deal, but you'd be wrong.


Blood can and often carries Bloodborne Pathogens. If you clean up someone else's blood and that blood carries a pathogen, you run the risk of ingesting it into your body in a number of ways. 


Blood is also difficult to clean - sometimes it takes a lot more than just wiping the surface. Often, we are having to remove flooring, drywall, and other materials depending on how much there was.


Bio-One specializes in so much more than just blood cleanup, however. Often, blood cleanup is not just the result of an accident, but a tragedy. Bio-One is compassionate, skilled, trusting, patient, and readily available 24/7 to help anyone in need. 


With three offices - Birmingham, Huntsville and Montgomery - Bio-One is here to serve all those in need throughout the entire state of Alabama.


Call Bio-One of North Alabama today: 256-677-6111


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