Bio-One of Huntsville decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Real, Affordable Suicide Cleanup In Huntsville, AL

Bio-One offers affordable, compassionate and timely suicide cleanup in Huntsville and all of North Alabama.

When it comes to suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup/decomposition, and all types of blood and trauma cleanup - Bio-One is North Alabama's leader.

Many other companies who offer this service will overcharge and take advantage of the situation. Bio-One does not.

When tragedy strikes and you are in immediate need of cleanup help, this is what you will expect with Bio-One:

  • Same day service
  • Our cleanup is covered by homeowner's insurance
  • If there is not insurance, our services are still affordable
  • Other companies' average job prices are over $10,000, ours average under $4,000.
  • Our motto is "Help First, Business Second" - which means we actually want to help you, and we will figure out payment and insurance information at a later date.
  • Bio-One is locally-owned and family-owned.
  • We are discreet - we don't post photos on the internet, and our vehicles are unmarked.

Bio-One is here to help you in any situation, so please give Bio-One of Huntsville a call today (256) 677-6111.

We also have offices in Birmingham and Montgomery to serve you:

Bio-One of Birmingham: (205) 937-1708

Bio-One of Montgomery: (334) 523-9191

If you find yourself looking at a crime scene, your initial reaction may be to clean it yourself. You may want it to be gone as soon as possible and that's completely understandable. Here's some reasons why you shouldn't do that. 

1. Fluids! Coming into contact with bodily fluids, especially blood, can be harmful. It can carry disease and pathogens that you just don't want on or near your body!

2. Invisible to the eye! If you don't take care of all of it, you can still recieve harmful effects. This means if you try and clean it and leave behind any traces of the scene (even germs and pathogens you can't see), your home won't be as sanitary as you think it is. You know how they say won't you don't know won't hurt you? Well in this case, it can. 

3. Don't stress! While you may be worried that you can't afford crime scene cleaners, your insurance will usually take care of it! Don't let this detail keep you from getting the professionals in the door!

Never try to clean a crime scene yourself! You'll be happier, more sanitary, and less stressed when you let the professionals come take care of it. View our Bio-One locations if you need help.