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COVID-19 Cleaning for Restaurants in Alabama


Bio-One Disinfects Restaurants For Coronavirus in Alabama

With offices in Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama, Bio-One is here to serve all of North and Central Alabama. We are the leading disinfection specialist company in Alabama - for years we have been disinfecting homes and businesses for all types of infectious diseases - and COVID-19 is no different.


We have been so lucky to have already helped many businesses & restaurants throughout Alabama with COVID-19 disinfection.


We are fast, thorough and discreet - don't want your customers seeing our work truck and our guys in suits? We don't blame you. We will come clean your restaurant after hours.


Worried about needing to close for extended periods of time? A typical restaurant takes us 90 minutes to disinfect, and you can re-enter just 1 hour after we are done.


Don't skimp on hiring a routine cleaning company to disinfect your restaurant or business - make sure you hire someone with disinfection experience, someone who will protect themselves and your customers, follow all CDC protocols and use EPA-approved chemicals and methods.


Call Bio-One at 256-677-6111 or 205-937-1708

















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