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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Suicide Cleanup


Will Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy Cover Biohazard Cleanup in Your Home or Car?

Cleaning up after a suicide, trauma or any death or injury of a loved one is something no one should have to do. This is something that thankfully most of us never even have to think about, but if it does happen, what do you do


Seeing and experiencing a death of a loved one is traumatic....and so it cleaning up after them. Bio-One believes no family should have to do this, and this is where we come in.


How much does biohazard cleanup here in Alabama cost? This may seem like an unimportant question to those who are faced with this need, but the answer is - sometimes it can be expensive, but most of the time that's okay.


Suicide, homicide, trauma/injury and undiscovered death cleanup is almost always covered by homeowners insurance here in Alabama. That may seem odd, but believe it or not, it's true.


Bio-One deals with both major and small insurance companies, and when this occurs to a family, the insurance company is happy to cover this cleanup.


We hope you never need to call us, but Bio-One is caring, compassionate, 24/7, and much less expensive than our competitors - even when insurance pays, we are 100% fair, honest, and totally transparent with not only the cost but all of our procedures and anything the family wishes to know.


Call Our Huntsville Office at 256-677-6111 or Birmingham at 205-937-1708


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