Bio-One of Huntsville decontamination and biohazard cleaning services

Human & Animal Feces Cleanup Service in Alabama


Alabama's Top Feces Cleanup Service

With three local offices in Birmingham, Huntsville, and Montgomery - Bio-One is here is to help all Alabamians with Feces and Urine Clean Up.


Bio-One is Alabama's Biohazard Cleanup leader - specializing in disinfection, sanitization, feces/urine cleanup, bodily fluids cleanup, odor removal, hoarding cleanup, suicide/homicide cleanup and many other hazardous situations.


Many of our customers call us when they specifically need help with feces cleanup - whether it be human feces, pet waste (dog, cat), rodent droppings cleanup, raccoon scat, bat guano, cat & dog urine odor removal or anything similar.


We are here to help anyone in Alabama, and our estimates are 100% free.


Call your local family-owned Bio-One office today:


Huntsville: 256-677-6111

Birmingham: 205-937-1708

Montgomery: 334-523-9191


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