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Mold Removal Cost in Alabama


Mold Remediation Costs in Alabama

So, how much does it really cost for mold removal in Huntsville, AL? Or Birmingham or anywhere in Alabama? Many people may think it's very expensive - which can sometimes be the case - but in most cases, Bio-One makes it very affordable.


Mold is a very serious problem and can be a health concern for families and individuals. However, very often the problem can be easily fixed. The real problem is that some companies will lead you to believe it is more serious than it is, just so they can charge you more money.


Here at Bio-One, we strive to give our customers the best possible service, at the lowest possible price. We are absolutely up front and honest about the true nature of the mold issue, and will go over with you step-by-step how we can go about fixing it.


We don't cut any corners either - most mold cleanups must involve containment, air scrubbing, HEPA vacuuming, dehumidifying and chemical treatment. Yes, these things sound expensive, but our experienced mold specialists here at Bio-One have streamlined the process, which lowers the cost for our customers.


Call us today for a FREE estimate - that's right, we don't charge a dime to come out to your home for an assessment. 


If you live in Huntsville or North Alabama, call us at 256-677-6111


If you live in Birmingham or Central Alabama, call us at 205-937-1708


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